From the barn of Brez to Milan Expo : the discovery of the creative genius of Luigi Prevedel

filled by Giulia & Romeo

It was a few weeks ago that he wondered why his story had stopped just at the climax. And at the climax it came a phone call from Sgarbi, the famous italian art critic in person, not from someone of the secretary. "Hello Luigi, all right? How about coming to the Expo? I received a lot of requests but I want you and your masterpiece! " And the...

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The Treasure of Italy: Hall Eataly, Milan Expo

filled by Giulia & Romeo

It was officially inaugurated today, May 22, the exhibition “ The Treasure of Italy “ set up inside the Expo, pavilion Eataly, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
Staged over the area dedicated to restaurants, the exhibition focuses its eyes on the valuable Italian cultural heritage, presented through an amazing selection of 350 among ...

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