Montevecchia: the pearl of the Brianza

filled by Giulia & Romeo

The first hill that dominates the valley that you meet when arriving from Milan is Montevecchia. Since 1986, the region of Lombardy has bounded the entire territory of the regional park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley.
It borders with Cernusco Lombardone, Merate, Missaglia, Olgiate Molgora, Osnago, Perego and Rovagnate. When you get out of your car, you get that strange sensation thinking it’s impossible to be at less than an hours drive from Milan, The hill seems to pop out from a comic and catapults you into a timeless atmosphere. On the top you have two different views: on one hand you can embrace with a glance all the Po valley, including Milan, on clear days even the Ligurian Apennines. On the other side, it seems that you’re in a mountain village resort, among the green hills you can see the “Colle Brianza”.
If you leave your car in the parking lot halfway up the hill, in a few minutes you arrive to the square of Montevecchia and from here you can reach the imposing Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, by a beautiful staircase.
In the beginning it was a signal tower. This function of guardian of the Brianza is traced back to the name andof Mons Vigiliarum, Mount of the Watchtower. And the transformation of the Lombard period of Roman tower in the building of Christian cult, the first dedicated to St. John the Baptist and then to the Blessed Virgin.

Terraced vineyards that offer early autumn shades of impressionist painting, Montevecchia is renowned for its wines and cheeses, which can be tasted in different restaurants and resorts that are located at the bottom or top of the hill. We point out halfway up the hill to the restaurant "Da Pasqualino" for keeping in time simplicity and dishes (excellent risotto) at very reasonable prices. (Via Belvedere is 41, tel.039-9930560). For wines and cheeses and enjoy a beautiful view we recommend the Galeazzino of the hill, five minutes walk from the square of the path.
The quality and finesse of the wines of the area was sung by many writers, including the Milanese poet Carlo Porta in the first half of the nineteenth century had shown great wines produced in many areas of Brianza. And Mario Soldati in "wine to wine" wrote:
"That is one of the terraces of Montevecchia and the most beautiful locations in Brianza: a high glacis, a balcony off the mist that rises and faces straight south on windy days, you can see from Cisa of Mount Rose. (...) Stands up and faces the Po valley, like a huge bastion, and the other between the Lake Como. (...) High mountains defend the north winds. The mists, fogs, which go up from the plains and lakes, the fruitful touch: it is now clear that the most delicate and delicious wine comes from grapes mature in more extreme climatic conditions necessary for the vines"
The Park offers numerous trails Curone, to experience even on horseback and mountain biking ( Along the various routes often intersect rural buildings, courtyards, churches and votive chapels, among which we mention the church of St. Bernard, Passone and Ostizza.
Aourn here many beautiful villas, at the foot of the (Santuario della Beata Vergine del Carmelo )Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, the elegant home of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, mathematician in the 700.

Among the various routes of Park Curone point out the path n 10, which leads to the typical High Montevecchia
Path No. 10: High Ceregallo-Montevecchia
The route starts from Sirtori (location Ceregallo) and arrives in Montevecchia Alta. The journey time is approximately 2 hours. The route is marked in the area with 10 marked no. Part then the path through the woods, mainly chestnut, which is the most northerly part of the Park and arrives in town Lissolo (Sirtori-Lissolo: 0re 0.40) from there take the road towards the Montevecchia, through the Desert locations. continue on the road that follows the ridge through the forest up in places where the view is Spiazzolo free from any side and you can admire a beautiful panorama. After hitting the town and St. Bernard Ghisalba you come to the Square of Montevecchia (Lissolo Montevecchia-hours: 1.20)