Ferrara and Comacchio

filled by Giulia

In the plains of Emilia, a short distance from the Po ...
A city suspended in time and in the mist, whose atmosphere you can feel before arriving, enjoying the beautiful scenes of the films of Antonioni's "Al di lą delle Nuvole".
Even when the sun is shining, time seems to slow down in Ferrara. The best way to visit the city is on two wheels, getting a leading role in this dimension away from traffic and urban rhythms. Cycling to the Castle and Cathedral, to the Palazzo dei Diamanti, between the medieval quarter and the ghetto, tree paths that surround the city up to the impressive Jewish cemetery.
Leaving the city walls the road that leads to the sea takes to you to Comacchio.
Comacchio is a miniature Venice, bridges, connecting the small islands on which stand the small colorful houses. To explore the canals and admire the beautiful facades of noble palaces you should try a trip on a batana (a long flat-bottomed boat).
The bridge of Trepponti, on the confluence of five channels is almost the symbol of the city, with its wide staircases and its mighty arches.
What to visti in the nearby Comacchio: the archaeological sites of Etruscan, Roman and early Christian times, the seaside resorts of the seven beaches , the famous valleys of Comacchio.
What to eat in Ferrara and surroundings: very good bread here, and salama da sugo. Typical dishes cappelletti, stuffed pasta with pumpkin, various dishes made with pumpkin, eels and sturgeon. In Ferrara survives even a Jewish cuisine with diferent specialties