A Sunday at Segrino Lake

filled by Giulia

On Sundays you like walking? Walking or jogging chatting to keep fit? Or you like to run because you're a real sportman and you must work out constantly? If the answer is yes and you do not live very far away, you may become affectionated to Lake Segrino like to other places. The lake is accessible through the grass by the road pasing the Valassina Bellagio, or, for those coming from Lecco, turning right from ss 639 just before arriving in Pusiano. The lake is located at the southern Segrino the so-called Triangolo Lariano at 374 m above sea level, unlike the other lakes of Brianza, a narrow and elongated and occupies the bottom of a valley bordered to the east and west from Mount Cornizzolo from Mount Scioscia .
Around the lake is a circuit of 5 km closed to traffic; every kilometer there is a sign indicating the distance traveled. The ring is almost completely in the shade, during the winter season, when the lake is partially frozen, it is advisable to be well covered. While, in summer, the circuit of the lake Segrino is one of the best places to walk or run to avoid the heat of the plains. In 1998 on this ring, was made a valid 100 as a test for the European championship for this specialty.