Spring is in Cuba if you like so.

filled by Giulia & Romeo

It starts early Labor Day, May 1, in Cuba, at eight o'clock the microphone amplifies the sound of the voice of Fidel Castro, crossing the Square of the Revolution and packed with all 14 provinces of the Caribbean island. Who does no go out into the streets is watching television, in front of Fidel protagonist who speaks continuously for three hours. At eight o'clock the square, in television screens, was crowded as never before ten o'clock many of them are already gone, the speech is long and in fact more than a speech is an endless sermon on the state of affairs of the country.
It 's all under control, full employment, growing economy. The leaders pitted green military uniform with numbers and figures as in the pre-election speeches of a political campaign. The flagship of the system, in addition to the medical industry, is education: Data are the numbers of teachers in charge of university students, recent bought computers for schools. They remember the stages of the history of the village, 'Bay of Pigs assault on the most recent meetings with world leaders.
Many are there in the red shirt with the slogan, Fidel signed on the back, the content is absolutely indisputable: esta humanidad tiene ansias de justicia.

But few transmit joy and energy. Maybe because it's hot, three hours are long, and many came from far away in jeeps and vans in the early hours of dawn.
And perhaps because the country for those who crossed the boundaries of Varadero and Caius Largo, not everything that glitters is gold among the numbers and statistics in the hands of Fidel.
Glisten in the sun and in the night some old towns proclaimed World Heritage Site by UNESCO, such as Old Havana and Trinidad.
Waters and white sand beaches of the Caribbean, the most famous and those still under-exploited the cajos.
Sparkle timeless myths of tobacco rum sauce and the rumba.
Shine the smiles of the Cuban tourist sites
Bright cars of the fifties trasformed into the national heritage by Castro in recent years to prevent their escape to the West.
Shine the dignity and distinction of all premises, of any ethnic group, and there are many, beyond the discomfort and the low standard of living.
But all around seems duller and opaque.
Blank looks of that every day hundreds of Cubans hitchhike under the sun, waiting hours even in any part of the island.
Off the computers of young people, who are denied access to the Internet, the largest window on the world.
Extinguished their hopes and dreams of a different life, because what happens in Cuba is all planned and organized by the state.
If full of strength and energy are the giant posters hailing the revolution by the roadside or photos of Che portrayed on postcards, in books, on walls and banners,
weakest and most fragile are whispered requests from people of all ages, both in the countryside than in towns asking for soap, pen, or something to wear.
Besides the large American cars of all colors that parade and will surprise you in every corner of the country, horse carts and rickshaws emerge from the streets, on land or in the city, recalling the economic stagnation of a country that seems left behind more than fifty years.
A country heard, where you can still find a former guerrilla fighter Che, that the mere naming spreads its arms and opens his eyes glistening with respect and reverence, and tells you that the commander was a man "muy recto" and which today is the Coast Guard of a beach just for tourists, where access is prohibited Cubans from a checkpoint with a lot of red flags and toll revenue.
A country where even those who manage Houses for foreigners, therefore, between the only business allowed by the regime, never had the opportunity to tour the island and looks surprised in digital camera of their tourists.
Where everyone is apparently convinced, without the ability to make comparisons with the same fellow countrymen, that Castro is "muy bonito", that in Cuba there is everything you need and that "if one gets the fridge in the island means that all the other inhabitants got it too. "
Where only one out of the choir, aware of being held up as a "spot", crazy, to tell the tourists that Castro is like Caligula, a murderess. That Cuba is like a huge prison. What if Sunday is not seen so many people around is because people are poor and sad, deprived of freedom. That's actually always wanted to go to the United States, hoping killed in the bud by an army of cops who represents one third of the population.
But in the Plaza of the Revolucion May 1 everything seems under control. After more than 3 hours of continuous, flowing Fidel launched his "Patria o muerte vinceremos".
And they all sang the International.
The only one commoved is a European tourist. Alas, alas, absolutely wonderful. For a perfect vacuum, with the stated storage now expired
In the afternoon the streets only have the flags and trumpets on the ground.
The remains of a tragicomic propaganda trumpeted.
But the revolution continues, hasta la victoria siempre.