Escape from the cold weather: the magical atmosphere of the hot baths of Bormio

filled by Giulia & Romeo

Escape from the cold weather: the magical atmosphere of the hot baths of Bormio
…When it is cold outside and maybe it's raining or snowing, and maybe there's a bit 'of fog or mist ... there is nothing more beautiful than a relaxing day at the spa. If you've never been to the baths of Bormio, in the days of dull autumn we strongly recommend you a visit.
Located in Valtellina, in the Stelvio National Park, they will offer you an unique experience.
Different but complementary, we recommend a weekend in which you’ll have the time to try both, although you can concentrate the experience in a single day.
The Bagni Vecchi will charm you for the historic atmosphere remained intact for centuries in various wellness sectors , Bagni Nuovi will remain in your memory for all those outdoor pools framed by mountains.
Between steam and hot water and fragrance will rediscover the pleasure of relaxation, often forgotten by the frenetic rhythm of modern life.
First a suggestion: before you leave for your weekend make a call to ask average water temperature. Not everyone knows that it has seasonal fluctuation, for example ranging from 34 to 45 degrees in October-December. Sunday is very crowded, if you have one day you should anticipate.
In Bagni Vecchi you’ll feel an atmosphere of another era, the air has the ancient smell of your school. These spaces are very characteristic and romantic, a spiral staircase leads you in different pools: the Roman Baths, known since the first century. BC, the Baths of the Archduchess, named in honor of the Archduchess of Austria, who used to spend summers here, the St Martin Grotto, that leads to one of the springs right in the heart of the mountain, the medieval baths, the Imperial baths and an open air panoramic pool.
Bagni Nuovi is divided into 4 sections with different thermal paths.
The route begins in the gardens, the tunnel goes through a modern minimalist and ends in the basement of the hotel in Art Nouveau style.
Four sections, each for a different thermal path:
The spa tour starts from outside in the sunny garden Giardini di Venere with openair baths and pool, after follows the Grotta di Nettuno that offers purifying and toning procedures, Bagni di Giove is the next revitalising sections and at the end are Acquatona Bagni di Ercole the most relaxing part of the spa.
The entrance for both Hotels' Guest is included in the stay price. It is also open to the public and to children of age 5 and above accompanied by parents.

If you stay at Bagni Vecchi in the evening you will be pampered by the highly qualified staff of the restaurant, they are 3 operators who will tell you about dishes with passion in a cozy and romantic, with low ceilings . The cuisine is typical of the area, local cheeses, pizzoccheri, polenta with sausage.
If you stay at Bagni Nuovi the restaurant’s dining room is spacious and luxurious, with high ceilings.
The plus of Bagni Nuovi is the outdoor area, there's even a large pool of thermal water where you can swim. And the view stretches out on the Stelvio, which dominates the skyline with the surrounding mountains.
A shuttle runs between the two spa centers to allow residents of the two hotels to try both experiences. If you are not guests of the spa hotels and you are undecided about which to choose, we recommend the Bagni Vecchi in winter, for that contrast will oppose friendly to cold outdoor temperatures, the Bagni Nuovi in spring and autumn, to use the whole open air area, part of which is still enjoyable all year round.
For a detailed virtual tour we recommend the official website