The Treasure of Italy: Hall Eataly, Milan Expo

filled by Giulia & Romeo

It was officially inaugurated today, May 22, the exhibition “The Treasure of Italy “ set up inside the Expo, pavilion Eataly, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
Staged over the area dedicated to restaurants, the exhibition focuses its eyes on the valuable Italian cultural heritage, presented through an amazing selection of 350 among the lesser-known masterpieces of the great italian authors , including Donatello, Piero della Francesca and Lorenzo Lotto.
From Valle d'Aosta to Sicily, from 300 to 900: the history of Italian art told to Expo visitors that never as in this exhibition can compare the creativity and artistic talent region by region.
Paintings, statues, reliquaries, furniture and photographs: a taste of Italian art that will satisfy the thirst and hunger of knowledge of those who will go up the stairs that access the upper floor.
There is also space for contemporary art, with a focus on 25 artists , one for each region of Italy. Diastributed a bit everywhere, both outdoors and among the tables of restaurants, their contemporary works, that seem to look at us and to greet while we pass between a corridor and a small square, surprise us for originaluity.
And we, who are originally from Trentino, we were particularly impressed by the work and history of Luigi Prevedel ...
We tell about him in another post dedicated.