The Christmas markets of South Tyrol

filled by Giulia & Romeo

The cold and dark winter lights up in South Tyrol with the arrival of the Christmas Markets: the squares of Bolzano and Merano, Bressanone, Vipiteno and Bruneck, to name the main Christmas markets, are full of colours and flavours from late November to the Epiphany. Dozens and dozen of wooden houses that smell of pine offer visitors crafts and cuisine. Once was a traditional appointment for local people, today's markets have become target of tourist buses that depart from all over Italy and not only. But even in a crowd from far away the atmosphere of this unique tradition continues to fascinate. A glass of brulè wine, a strudel, a Apfelsaft (apple juice), a beautiful crib of wood, coloured glass balls for trees decoration, candles and cherubs carved in the wood ... For every taste and budget, But most of all it’s the market’s atmosphere that offers the best gift to cherish in your memory when going back home. Christmas is well worth a Christmas market, the choice is yours!

Bolzano 5/11/12 23 /12/11
The most famous Christmas market in Bolzano, the original one, it takes place in the historical city centre, in the famous Piazza Walther. Also this year, from 27 November to 23 December, about 80 wooden houses offers many traditional crafts and delicacies of the Tyrolean cuisine. While you’re in the city do not miss a walk: a walk under the arcades, a visit to the South Tyrol archaeological museum where Otzi is exposed, the Iceman mummy, the man who came from the ice. And we suggest a visit to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Its great transparent facades connect the old town with the new town on the river Talvera, from the top floors offering splendid views of the city and the Dolomites.

Merano 25.11.11-06.01.12
From 25 November to 6 January Lungopassirio Walk, one of the most famous of the city, is filled with 80 little wooden houses, lights and colours, suddenly swarming with tourists who come to the markets but also for a dip in the beautiful spa of the city. Curiosity: the Great and the Little Train and their speed through the streets, not to be missed if you have children: the parade of Saint Nicholas, Merano city patron saint, along with his faithful servant Knecht Ruprecht: while the Saint gives sweets, Knecht Ruprecht will give the naughty children whips and pieces of coal!

Brixen 25.11.11-06.01.12
It takes place every year in Piazza del Duomo, where 30 wooden stands are set up full of South Tyrol curiosity and appetite . One of the peculiarities of this market are the Alps. Brixen in fact has a long tradition of nativity scenes almost 800 years, which inevitably leads its visitors to buy at least one of the countless statues carved in wood by the proposed market, unique pieces.
You can not miss a visit to the Bishop's Palace city, the Nativity Museum.

Sterzing 25.11.11-06.01.12

Appointment with the magical Christmas in South Tyrol is repeated every year with the traditional market, set up in the historical centre Main Square , under the ‘Torre dei Dodici’, surrounded by beautiful architectural treasures of the Middle Ages. To embellish this small Christmas market, a nativity scene made entirely with hand-made figurines, located at the Tower, which overlooks the square. The visit to the market becomes a perfect occasion to enjoy this beautiful medieval town, or, why not, to enjoy a few days on the slopes nearby. It can also be an opportunity to visit the mining exhibition, once a source of wealth for Sterzing citizens.

Brunico 26.11.11-06.01.12
From November 26 to Epiphany, the small village of Bruneck is filled with the festive Christmas market stalls, which go from the Piazza del Municipio and Bastions on the streets into the city walls. These are 35 cute wooden chalet stand. In the weekend Piazza del Municipio and via Bastioni are animated by groups of wind instruments, horns and trombones players, a opportunity is take one of the guided tours of Brunico’s old town, to visit the beauty of the medieval buildings that are stage for Christmas event. Also on Saturday and Sunday are offered free tasting of milk and dairy products in South Tyrol, with the possibility to buy directly from producers of South Tyrol Dairy Federation. And for those who are not even tired after a visit to the market, the slopes of nearby ski area Plan de Corones are still waiting for you!