Merano: thermal baths, walks and coffee!

filled by Giulia & Romeo

Do you find it hard to get out in the morning from your warm, soft duvet? Do you like to broaden the horizon of everyday life and dive into a mountain panorama and a nice warm bath? Merano Thermal Baths are waiting for you! Opened in 2005, will surprise you first for the architectural structure: a massive cube of glass and steel located along the south bank of the Passirio river, a monument of modernity in a city dominated by art nouveau.
Through the large windows that surround the pools we have an incredible view of the surrounding mountains and the vast park. The saunas will completely restore you, with the right temperature and clean and linear style that Matteo Thun has combined with a warm and welcoming space. In summer, the swimming pools and saunas are also expanding in the park of the spa, with its 12 outdoor pools, saunas and other surprises.
The ticket cost for Pools & Sauna entry depending on your stay and season time, from a minimum of 17, 50 to a maximum of 26.50 euros. For all combinations, see the official website of the baths.,
Beside to Pools & Spas Merano Baths offer Spa &Vital, Medical Spa, Fitness and Bistro too. Excellent fruit and vegetable centrifugal, with apples, carrots, oranges, ginger ... For spa treatments here are used only products derived from South Tyrol raw materials: apples, grapes, hay ...
Don’t be alarmed before the ban of custom saunas: if you prefer you can keep the towel wrapped ... in a few hours of the day in the sauna there is also the rite of essence, very quaint and atmospheric ... then outside will wait for you a table with slices of fruit and tea!
And after you enjoyed in pools and spas, between colors and parfumes, the city will welcome you in its numerous cafes, pastry shops and restaurants ... leaving the spa first you will admire the Kursaal, the elegant Art Nouveau building that is the symbol of Merano Thermal and was inaugurated in 1874 as a health and entertainment for its guests. Today is the privileged place for gala dinners and dancing, concerts and parties. The old town is situated north of Passirio, the river that bisects the city, and includes traditional Portici that connects Piazza Duomo with Piazza del Grano, the district Steinach, Via Leonardo da Vinci, via delle Corse and the three town doors that are still well preserved. Corso Libertà, Piazza del Teatro and Piazza della Rena, the Post Bridge and the Bridge Theatre complete the characteristic part of Merano. On the whole town echoes the name of Sissi, the Empress of Austria stayed several times between the city walls and to whom a statue was dedicated at the beginning of Summer walks and recently even a walk, a path that connects through 11 stages the city with Trauttmansdorff Gardens.
The Botanic Gardens cover an area of twelve acres and are surrounded by a forest of oaks. Sissi elected to his winter home Trauttmansdorff . Do not miss also the Tappeiner promenade, one of the most beautiful in Europe, 4 km along the steep slope of Mount St. Benedict until the village of Quarazze. Along the way we see an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Alpine plants, we can see some recent characteristic of Merano, a beautiful panorama of the entire basin of Burgraviato.
For a good cup of coffee you can go to the Coffee Darling, at the bridge of the Post, or to the quaint Café Imperial, at the entrance of the Pavillon des Fleurs. If you love beer don’t miss a visit to Forst, opposite the present Kurshaus. And don’t forget even a sandwich with sausage and sauerkraut in a delightful little shack in town!