San Rocco di Camogli: cocktails with breathtaking views, Walking to Punta Chiappa or San Fruttuoso

filled by Giovanna

Organize a weekend or a trip around an aperitif it seems a crazy idea... but we recommend to try it!
In Liguria, above Camogli , in the hamlet of San Rocco, shortly after the church dedicated to the saint, where the trail turns left and from the top borders the sea, a lovely place will captivate you, sitting comfortably looking at the sunset drinking a glass of iced Pigato or Vermentino. Embedded in the rock excavated by local inhabitants, who fled there to protect them from the first air raids of World War II, from 1967 that refuge has become a pub between sky and sea, where the sunset has nothing to envy to the famous and much applauded in Greece ,the one in Santorini island. The difference here is that your view wides around the Paradise Gulf and the city of Genoa in the distance illuminated by the last rays of sun. For the rest, the same magical ingredients: sea sky and silence.
What to do awaiting the long-awaited happy hour?
Unless you want to spend a relaxing day sunbathing and shopping between the concrete pad used as a beach and the colorful streets of Camogli, (see weekend in Camogli), we suggest a nice walk through olive groves and panoramic views. From San Rocco to Punta Chiappa path, downhill, it takes about 45 minutes. The first step you meet is the village of San Nicolo di Capodimonte, with its Romanesque church. Then you arrive in Pidocchio Port , one of the the smallest port in the world. From spring to autumn here is fallen Tonnarella, a network of small floats visible at the surface, which is used for fishing assing fishes such as bonito, mackerel and palmite .. The network remains in the sea from April to September and it is raised three times a day. The "leverage" of the trap is an interesting spectacle to which we can assist (guided tours are organized by the Cooperative Fishermen Camogli For info 0185-772091).
Finally, continuing on the path to get to Punta Chiappa, the famous rock jutting over the sea, with a central altar depicting a mosaic of Stella Maris, our Lady protector of seafarers.
Each year, the first Sunday of August, festively decorated boats dock here and the sea is illuminated at night with lights of candles in a tribute to Madonna protector of sailors: each lighted lamp symbolizes the soul of a sailor died at sea. For Sunday walkers the tour ends here, where you can stop for a swim, taking care to enter into the limpid water because there are no convenient access.

For people who want more than an hour's walk we recommend the path that leads from San Rocco to San Fruttuoso (2 hours and 30 plus return). As for all, the trail is recommended for experienced walkers and equipped with hiking boots. In some places you walk on the rock overlooking the sea, and there is a chain to help you.
The view is still breathtaking and priceless.

San Fruttuoso will surprise you, though , admittedly, the most spectacular view you can have is coming by boat from the sea (from Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita, Genoa, Rapallo, Chiavari)
Set in a deep bay, almost a pearl in the rugged coastline of the small Monte Portofino, the bay is reachable only on foot or by sea. Here you can see the magical abbey of St. Fruttuoso about year 1000, now owned by the FAI, around which develops a small beach, a church, the Tower of Doria and a few fishermen's cottages that are reflected in the waters of the sea.

If you preferred the trekking to the boat it will remain a couple of hours back to base, the appetizer in San Rocco is waiting for you: and the sunset show, as stated, will not disappoint you!