Green Way : a wonderful show of nature and architecture on Como Lake

filled by Giulia & Romeo

Our first thought at the end of the path was addressed to George Clooney : he bought a house for years on Como Lake, he is testimonial of aperitifs and coffee ... why is not the official testimonial of the Green way ?

Green way : the name already suggests that the explorers and lovers of Como Lake and its beautiful scenery are first foreign tourists. They do understood everything . Because we Italians, accustomed to thinking that the beautiful and the fashionable are always thousands of miles away from home , great importance to Como lake perhaps we never date .
The Green Way was opened in 2007 and it is a course divided into four successive stages, which reaches up from Colonno to Griante .
A dozen miles that you can walk in a day ( the roadmap includes 3 hours and a half ), or they can be subdivided into multiple outputs. Circular plates with metal logo and signpost stones facilitate commuting .
It is a walk through alleys and streets , always on the asphalt , which runs between a village and the other , offering views of uncommon beauty and elegance of the lake: churches, sanctuaries , steeples , towers , olive trees , villas , hotel and grand hotel ...
For those who had just seen the movie Grand Hotel Budapest in Tremezzo we point out that there is one that makes competition : wonderful! Rates from fear for those who want to take a look but its grandeur is worth at least a photograph.
A friend reported us that the breakfasts are wonderful at top floor of Hotel Cadenabbia , a 4 stars more affordable, with a view of the rising sun ...
It ' s a unique landscape that is passing through it step by step , from the elegance of the villas and their beautiful gardens, among the shades of the lake, the sky and lush greenery ... a pictorial landscape that you'll want to temper on the canvas even to those who do not know how to hold a brush ! Colors, smells, light ... beauty is all around , which is generated spontaneously by nature or by human hands , as the many historic villas ( Villa Monastero , Villa Serbelloni , Villa Carlotta, Villa Margherita ), but also private , many today bought by wealthy foreigners .
The path is the result of a project funded that began in 2002 and ended in 2007 . Perhaps this is why many still do not know it ... We surprised not to find it crowded as the Piazza San Marco in Venice! Because it really deserves to be run once at least!

There is a detour that will lengthen the journey of a couple of miles round trip but that is absolutely recommended : the one that from Lenno leads to the visit of Villa Balbianello , now owned by the FAI . His lodge is the greatest example of neoclassical fusion between architecture and landscape of the lake.
And once you have finished your beautiful walk ... a comfortable bus will take you back to your car.
We heard the driver telling a customer: " I would not change this line with any other line in the world! " How can we tell? The road that runs along the bus is not easy because full of twists ... but the lake behind the windows is a continuous show from dawn to the sunset !

Here is the division into stages with the mileage and travel times . For more information visit the dedicated website

1. Colonno -Sala Comacina 1.8 miles / 35 min
2 . Sala Comacina - Ossuccio 1.8 miles / 40 min
3 . Lenno Ossuccio - Dock 1.7 km / 30 min
4 . Lenno - Bolvedro Tremezzo km2 , 4/ 55 min
5 . Bolvedro - Cadenabbia 2.8 miles / 50 minutes