Milano Out of Salon: Night is "Mobile"

filled by Giulia & Romeo

Milano Fuori Salone: Night is "Mobile"

Expo aside, it takes a few of hours for the coolest week of the year.
From April 14 to 19 th, streets and neighborhoods of the city will swarm of designers from around all the world.
The day into the Fair, at the Salone del Mobile, the evening out into the town, in the neighborhoods decorated and illuminated for the occasion, where cocktails and appetizers will be the meeting points , dragging in the streets and alleys not only the experts but all lovers of beauty and creativity applied to everyday life.
Because this is what the Fuori Salone gives us for years: design lessons on the road, the opportunity to discover and admire the heart of creativity, often associated only with big brands and crazy prices.
For a week we will admire the achievements of the imagination and the creative genius without economic and geographical barriers and without the limits imposed by the market and its rules.
Lamps, chairs, sofas, beds ... frames, vases, pot holders, mirrors, pots and trays ...
Each product is given to the origins of its features to be then declined in many shades.
A lamp is first of all a light and the light will hit us in the face in front of a creative interpretation ...
And in any realization shown we will seize all the creative work that flows from a cocktail mix of ingredients: simplicity, history, lines, shapes, color, nature ...
We will go for a week in a kaleidoscope that moves from Brera to the quadrilateral, from Lambrate to Tortona, from the streets of the old Milan San Maurilio and Santa Marta to the ex Ansaldo area...
A kaleidoscope of colors and fantasy that will give us emotions and new ideas, and not only to furnish those corners of our house still empty, but to learn how to mix the various disciplines in our reasoning, to learn how to let nature and imagination take place in every corner of our thinking. To go back to the origins and to free all the creativity that each of us carries into. all the details of the week