filled by Giulia

A weekend is maybe a little '... maybe a better than a long weekend in the island of Sicily to visit ... the real, uncontaminated and wild island.
Almost trapezoidal in shape, with a coastline of 24 km, Salina is the second largest island of the Aeolian Islands in size and number of inhabitants. While other islands form a municipality, that of Lipari, Salina is divided into three municipalities: Santa Marina Salina, Malfa and Leni. The island is made up of six volcanoes.
The high slopes of the island are covered with ferns, poplars, chestnuts and typical Mediterranean vegetation consists of juniper, myrtle and arbutus. The middle and lower slopes are terraced and covered with caper bushes and pickly fig trees, orchards, olive groves, vineyards. A trip around the island offers a glance that immediately fascinates for its coasts tall and solemn, its typical terraces, the pleasant beaches and the towns, from the typical white houses nestled along the sea or hillside. The houses are characterized by a single floor, and roof terrace with a pergola supported by columns. Only homes in residential areas can be seen with the first floor. Because of its centrality in the summer Salina is a center for excursions to other islands of the archipelago.
The sea surrounding the island is rich in fish. Abundant fishing from "sand eel", lizards, anchovies, sardines, bream and operations. The swordfish fishery is carried out with excellent results.
To do: the walks to the Santuario della Madonna del Terzito (Valdichiesa), the natural reserve of Monte Fossa delle Felci e dei Porri; excursions to Monte Fossa delle Felci, m 962 (the highest point of the archipelago) to the Monte dei Porri and Valdichiesa, at Pollara. Do not miss the tour of the island, and, interestingly, the boat trip to the coast between P. Lingua and P. delle Tre Pietre and the west coast.