Cycling in the Ticino Park. From the Sesto Calende to the Po

filled by Giulia

A Sunday bike on the banks of the Ticino, the shade of oaks and poplars.
The river rises in Switzerland, Monte Gallina, high peak and secluded, halfway between Canton Ticino and Valais, and ending its route in Pavia, the bridge of Becca.
In the stretch from Sesto Calende al Po the river is surrounded by the immense park established in 1974 on over 90 000 hectares.
The Zelata scenario is almost bucolic sumptuous fields of corn, barley, peas and grass for fodder livestock watering ..
In bicycle trails and paths along the fields, enjoying the shade of oaks and poplars. Going up the river we enter into the thick forest.
In September, in the undergrowth of the park are found the legendary wild mushrooms of Ticino.
IT’s necessary to have a mushrom card pass, which is issued by municipalities in the consortium after a short course. And do not exceed two pounds of harvest.