Stromboli. Rhime strombolana

filled by Giulia

rhyme strombolana
for all children of the Italian peninsula
for those of Milan, for those of Pavia
for those who live on the lake, mountain and in every way ...

Whether arriving by boat, by ferry or hydrofoil
already have the surprise from the sea
on this large island
like a big animal that makes a sleeping despite
and on top of the mountain
puffing smoke like a roof

Then landed on the beach
you look closely
and discover its beautiful colors and a thousand flowers
yellow rose and deep red
and even the caper that is white

And all at the seaside during the day
Under the sun and the beach umbrella
Then a stroll on the square
And an whipped ice cream and lemon

And at sunset in the middle of the pink
Strombolicchio rests
admired by the beach
The fairy castle

Then the evening comes from the path at the bottom of the island
and the stars are born in the sky!
comfortable in the dark while you enjoy the small pizza
the volcano erupts again, and admired the focus of

orange and deep red flare-ups with lapillus
all come from the volcano with a crackling noise ...
and looking into each others eyes is hand in the hand
make a wish ...
to climb the volcano