Travelling in Israel, on the footsteps of Faith and History

filled by Giulia & Romeo

A travel to Israel on the footsteps of the Faith, led from the pages of the Bible, in which the different holy places are mentioned and described. There are those who want to leave with the company of a spiritual guide, to better explore the journey from a religious point of view, those who join agencies and those who rely on their organizational skills. A trip to Israel will not disappoint everyone, because the intensity of the places you breathe is beyond your religious belief. A land, especially a city, Jerusalem, where there are three religions: Christian, Jewish and Arab. It surprise every visitor, at sunset, the atmosphere in Jerusalem: the touch of Christian bells, the voice of the muezzin, Orthodox Jews who walk with the Holy Scriptures in their hand ... Our journey starts from here, from the soul of Israel. Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives and the beautiful view of the city, Golgotha, the old town with the Muslim Quarter and the Armenian, Christian and Jewish district, the Via Dolorosa and the Stations of the “Via Crucis”, the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre , The Ascension Temple, the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock ... And one more visit to Mahanei Yehuda market, the scenic settlement of Ein Karen, the new city with the Knesset, the parliament building. For shoppers in Jerusalem you can find Armenian pottery blue and white or olive wood crafts, beautiful mini cribs, that you will find moving around to Bethlehem, where there is the Basilica of the Nativity. Here you can get lost in the alleyways leading away from the central plaza and imagine how it must have been well over 2000 years ago. And then the Dead Sea, a picturesque area with features desert and ancient fortresses such as Masada, which hikers can walk up with a good walk. Stop at Qumran, where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls, and at the oasis of En Gedi with its thermal baths. Not far from here you can visit the outlet of Ahava, the Israelian brand that produces cosmetic creams derived from sludge and water of the area. You may continue for the Negev Desert, the Sea of Galilee with the village of Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, Nazareth and the Basilica of the Annunciation, Safed, the holy place for Jews and Orthodox observant, with its characteristic historical center and small art galleries. And again, Haifa, Acre, Caesarea with the remains of the ancient Roman port, then cross and then Byzantine . And to round off, or leave, depending on the organization of travel, Tel Aviv. Lively mix of tradition and modernity, is considered the Israeli Miami, with long beaches surrounded by skyscrapers, which can be exciting to travel by bicycle. Among the city's museums are a must to Art and the Museum of the Diaspora. There are also dozens of galleries exhibiting the works of new talents, especially in the area of Rothschild Boulevard. Very interesting architecture of the area known as the White City, where there are still a thousand years 20-40 buildings in the Bauhaus style, but also the futuristic skyscrapers such as shopping Mall Azrieli Center. The Carmel Market is an almost compulsory step as well as the modern port. For lovers of fashion and trends here you can find the leaders of the new Israelian designers, as well as several works of art by emerging artists. Of the municipality of Tel Aviv is part also the adjacent Jaffa, the port and the old town which dates back to the Ottoman Empire, with old stone houses, narrow streets and art workshops. For lunch and dinner you will have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the place. First of all falafel, of Arabic origin, balls of crushed chickpeas flavored with spices and served in pita (the typical bread) with fresh vegetables and sauces. Typical also humus, a puree of chickpeas with sesame paste, characteristic of Arabic cuisine. Obviously, especially in Jerusalem, there are many restaurants serving Jewish kosher, observing scrupulously the rules laid down by religion. Have a nive travel! And if if you want to make a trip so intense without following the times and the hard work of a group, but with the silent organization of who will study for you the steps, will welcome you at the airport and will transfer you to the hotel, providing with artwork and there delivering a rental car, leaving you the freedom to move about around alone, we recommend the services of My Italy Travel Service

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