Cesenatico & dintorni. Deep sea emotions

filled by Giulia

Are you also among those people who in their many dreams re-creates the excitement of the sea and the fishing so well described by Ernest Hemingway?
So, if you're somewhere near Cesenatico, this can turn your dream into reality.
Dozens of motorboats depart from the dawn from the Riviera Romagnola, to return to ports in the early afternoon. On board there are anglers, but also new to the reel. To try at least once in their life to hook tuna, mackerel, sea bass ...
We set sail for five in the morning and in just over an hour, just enough time to prepare fishing rods, you can reach the 7 / 8 miles from the coast. The ship detection systems (radar, sounder and gps) identify dozen of fishes, immediately turn off the engines, while a sailor throws bait into the sea and binds two bags of salted sardines at bow and stern. Following these operations, the captain mentions that you can "launch". So begins the show dozens of lines, including those of less experienced fishermen, they begin to stretch. At the end of the day the baskets are full. The emotion is strong, and getting up early was worth it. This is confirmed by the thousands of people each year that have this experience. Registration is open to everyone aged five and up. The cost of participation is around 40/50 thousand pounds a piece. The information offices of the seaside resorts have lists of motor vessels (each has about 40-50 seats, but it is best to book) and telephone numbers of the owners. For more information contact the Tourist Office of Cesenatico, tel. 0547/674411.