La porta d'Oriente

filled by Giulia

It's difficult in a weekend to visit what is the real Italian Gate to the East, Apulia, in a comprehensive manner. This article is only a suggestion, to catch all the facets and impressions of a landscape rather than "atypical" and still little known to the general tourism. A short trip from the northern to the southern region: a bit of culture, a little suggestion, sea and ... why not? A taste of more authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
Vieste (FG) The eastern part of the province, a suggestion only for lovers of the true sea with cliffs, bright colors and Mediterranean maquis. Enjoy the day, after a strictly seafood lunch!
Trani (BA) to get ready to arrive before the sun sets in this seaside town, home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Italy, there, right by the sea. The cathedral dates back to Roman times (1200 approx). In photography does not make even a tenth of its beauty.
Castel del Monte (BA) Visit this beautiful castle early in the morning, also visit the hunting lodge, built by Frederick II of Swabia. And if the sun shines there is also a demonstration of the region's bright colors: blue cloudless sky, the sun bright as ever and white stone. Indulge in a lunch of orecchiette ...
Castellana Grotte (BA) Visit of the caves is quite long, you have the opportunity to visit the so-called White Cave, considered by many the most beautiful cave in the world for the purity of its colors and materials.
Otranto (LE) A last look at the sea before departure. A day dedicated to one of the most beautiful parts of Adriatic coast, also rich in historical suggestions. Its history dates back at the time of Magna Graecia. Worth visiting the Cathedral (CA1000), the tower and the castle (1400/1500). The Salento cuisine will surely offer dishes worthy of the landscape, and especially the wines are worth a taste ...