Costa verde. A wild paradise between sand and cliff

filled by Giulia

Miles of golden sandy coastline, dotted with sunny mining structures, coastal towers built in order to contrast the barbaric incursions,, some of the oldest traps ... In Costa Verde, in the province of Cagliari, this is the scenario that is encountered: long beaches of fine golden sand, giant majestic dunes covered with juniper trees, superb cliffs. A predominant aspect of all: the extreme isolation, which can take long walks in utter silence, broken only by wind and breaking waves. What today seems a natural paradise, unique in Europe, with a central elegant hotel set in an mineral deposit, once presented itself as a land perpetually covered with a reddish layer of mud, produced by plants, now abandoned, for the mineral processing. This slurry was transported by two rivers, the Rio Piscinas.and the Rio Naracauli
Characteristic flora of the area, with intense aromas and infinite shades of green in the spring of blue tinted rosemary and wild yellow broom. Equally interesting fauna, as well as numerous examples of the elegant Sardinian deer, many wild boars. In addition, proof of the integrity of the natural environment, on the sandy shores Turtle nests, endangered species worldwide. Among the birds can be reported, among others, the Golden Eagle, the rare Bonelli's Acquila, Peregrine Falcon, the Sardinian partridge.
Worth visiting: the village of Ingurtosu, dozens of houses around the old well Maria Theresa, now a post office, which overlooks the Palazzo della Direzione, typically Anglo-Saxon style.
Not far from the village is the stone castle of the well Gal, and again, must visit Villa Ida, the lovely and lonely building that housed the mine owner, Lord Brassey. Today, the structures remain abandoned to dominate one of the most beautiful views of the mine.
At Piscinas a confortable hotel, The Dunes. Not far from the building, directly in the vast beach of Piscinas, you can admire the work of the famous sculptor Pietro Cascella, called the "Ara del Sole" that allows you to see, as well as the solar star, a series of astronomical reference points, characterizing the geographical and historical site. In Arbus, interestingly, the first Sardinian knife Museum