Discovering the Mill Roads

filled by Giulia

You are in the area of Portofino and Santa Margherita: you have the opportunity to take a dip in a landscape of lush and luxuriant vegetation that you never thought to find a few meters from the famous beaches of Tigullio. With a quiet walk a little more than a couple of hours.
In front of the lighthouse at Punta Santa Margherita climb by foot Montebello (behind the gas station) and reach the village of Nozarego, where is found the eponymous eighteenth-century church, surrounded by olive groves.
From here a path runs along the eastern side of the park, passing through farmlands, holm oaks, pines and chestnut trees, reaching the resort 'Gave’, where stands the small chapel of St. Jerome. The walk continues on a slight slope in the countryside to the river of Acqua Viva. And here, as the path moves straight to the Elms, on the left go down the Valley of Acqua Viva, with its history of mills and ancient traditions.
We are in the most important wetland in the park, with a spectacular concentration of ferns. A network of canals and reservoirs regimented in time in the area, fueling a chain of mills and mills for processing grain, chestnuts and olives.
Of the 35 old mills today there are only a few, among whose stones are often settled among the red valerian, the rusty grass and fake licorice..
In autumn along the path you can admire the beautiful colors of strawberry, berries, myrtle.
The atmosphere of this environment is moist and shady so surreal that among the branches and leaves of elder, alder, chestnut, bay and black locust it may happen that you see gnomes and elves, but also a real live wild boar, which here are protected.
The atmosphere here is very suggestive of clematis vines, a woody vine whose presence gives a feeling of extreme adventure. You walk through ditches and bridges, among stumps and rocks covered with moss, grass trampled carpets misery.