Weekend in Valmalenco: into the Mountain

filled by Giulia & Romeo

With little more than a couple of hours from Milan you reach Valmalenco…Nerar Chiesa Valmalenco we were looking for a small hotel and we didn’t have addresses ... the road climbed slowly bend after bend, gallery after gallery ... every now and then we saw the signs of some hotel but we wanted to go even higher, but not knowing how high we would find a comfortable accommodation...

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Walking in Lombardia ... To Piani d'Erna through Stoppani Refuge

filled by Giulia & Romeo

With just over half an hour's drive from Milan you can immerse yourself in nature to breathe the perfume of the 4 seasons and observe the different colors. With the snow or the flowered meadows, the walk to the Refuge Stoppani and then continued up to the plans Erna is a breath of fresh air and energy that fortifies the greyness in and around Milan.
It starts from a path behind the square of the cable car departure for Piani d'Erna,

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Escape from the city : a dive in the green hill of Brianza

filled by Giulia & Romeo

Halfway between Milan and Lecco Lake, opposite the hill on which stands Montevecchia, there is a village which still has the charm of unspoiled nature that surrounds it: Colle Brianza is the highest point (887mt) is also the highest point of the whole Brianza.
It s a great place for a Sunday drive, even better on a scooter, which you can easily move from one village to another exploring the entire hill:

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Among the woods and green meadows: trekking in the Malenco Valley at the refuge Bosio

filled by Giulia & Romeo

In an area dotted with huts, Valmalenco, Galli-Bosio is the first encountered, lying on the side of a valley.
And like all of the most isolated and secluded places gives the most intense emotions.
A refuge from the early twentieth century that has kept its atmosphere a little out of time: stone, with red shutters on two floors, surrounded by pine trees Alpe Airale.

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In Chiavenna in a "crotto"

filled by Giulia

Chiavenna, Sondrio, rose on a large landslide, which detached from the south in very remote times. The boulders on the slope gave origin to Crotti. Between the cracks of these rocks blowing a stream of air at constant temperature, both summer and winter, around 8 ° C, making it so warm in winter and cool in summer.
These cavities, not to be confused with ordinary cellars, are great for storing wine and other typical products.

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