Stromboli: the energy of the nature

filled by Giulia & Romeo

By whatever transport you choose to reach Stromboli, the last part of your journey will be the same for everybody, by ferry or hydrofoil. It is from the sea that you will have the first view of the island: first a dot far away, then closer and larger, will come to seem like a huge animal in a crouching position, a harmless and quiet animal but incredibly alive...

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filled by Giulia

A weekend is maybe a little '... maybe a better than a long weekend in the island of Sicily to visit ... the real, uncontaminated and wild island.
Almost trapezoidal in shape, with a coastline of 24 km, Salina is the second largest island of the Aeolian Islands in size and number of inhabitants. While other islands form a municipality, that of Lipari, Salina is divided into three municipalities: Santa Marina Salina, Malfa and Leni. The island is made up of six volcanoes.

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Stromboli. Rhime strombolana

filled by Giulia

rhyme strombolana
for all children of the Italian peninsula
for those of Milan, for those of Pavia
for those who live on the lake, mountain and in every way ...

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